Abriß über meine Person

What can you want to know about me? That depends on you, but the following may be of interest.

I retired in 2016; a lustral of unemployment (about which you can read more in my book Albatross) in Britain and 18 months of little and low-paid employment in California mean I had to wait a while longer than most people. Fortunately I like programming and had a fairly secure job.
My wife has left me, so a lot of my personal planning centres on getting her to come back. That is one reason for living near San Francisco, her favorite city. She lived in Los Angeles, which she has said she hates (it is also bad for my lungs), until she retired to Oregon. She runs marathons, and you can find more about her by searching for “Sharlene Wills” – she has more entries than I have.
We have a son, a Doctor of Mathematics from UCSB. He has a yearning to teach, and has done so at UCSB, at Whitman College in Walla Walla Washington of baseball fame, at Weber State University in Ogden of the Utes, and now at a high school in Ogden. He has a wife and they have two sons.
Some likes
A film I would like to see again is La Vie est un long Fleuve tranquille (about some people for whom it suddenly wasn’t). I also want to see Cathy Morgan, in which my late friend Greg Denzler starred (not as Cathy) and The Different Couple; both seem to be out of circulation.
Some of the music I like best comes at $10 a CD in the Lifescapes series from Target. I also have Dvořák’s New World on cassette tape, and quite a bit more I like.

I have a lot of vinyl collected over the years and so have a 4-speed turntable to listen once more to Foote’s string suite, etc.

My codex library is quite large, with many books I have yet to read. Nevertheless, I have quite a list of books I want to add to it.

Academic pursuits


I am very slowly learning Biblical Hebrew, reading a few verses (containing at least 5 new words) a day of Leviticus (I have already so worked through Genesis).

I am also reading a quaestio a day of the Summa Theologiae in English, most of which I understand less well than Leviticus.