Albatross (Book)

cover of book Albatross


poetry, philosophy, politics
trade paperback
Publication Date: 2001.08.14
Price: $15.95
Size: 6″ x 9″
John A. Wills
ISBN 0-595-19418-4
192 pages
Writers Club Press

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0. Baudelaire’s poem L’Albatros and my translation of it

1. Wisdom
1.1 Merton vs Rand reconciliation of rational opinions
1.2 Serpent Group
1.3 Looking at Unemployment, after 5 years
1.4 When Atlas Shrugs looks at some ideas about selfishness, etc.

2. Analysis of various ambiguous and controversial concepts and ideologies dissolves the original problem into more tractable components with less connection than might have been thought
2.1 A Change in Question shows how natural science advances
2.2 Creation shows that Fundamentalists and Village Atheists are victims of the same confusion
2.3 Introduction to Sexuality shows finally that homophobia and homosexualism are two sides of the same counterfeit coin
2.4 Hangwite in Context looks at an old legal concept
2.5 The Meanings of Israel distinguishes the Biblical meanings of the name Israel and tries to cover the usual extra-biblical uses too
2.6 Kinds of Racialism systematically classifies by ideal
2.7 Motives of Zionism

3. Constitutions
3.1 Current Constitutional Crises in the World State motivates the following proposal, after giving historical background
3.2 The Next UN Constitutional Conference shows that a fundamental orientation is needed
3.3 Proposed Amendment to the Treaty of Maastricht
3.4 Legislation Against Terrorism discusses much more important topics than terrorism by putting that subject in context
3.5 Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

4. Political Proposals at infraconstitutional level follow
4.1 The Dirty Query accurately describes a current political problem
4.2 A Single Currency
4.3 Selective Prisons

5. New Jersey Adventure is autobiographical
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