Your Bible

I. Lots of Bibles             On a bookshelf in my house is An American Bible, edited by Alice Hubbard. It contains an Introduction and the Gospels according to Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman, Robert Ingersoll, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Elbert Hubbard. You have probably heard of most of these evangelists.… Continue reading Your Bible

Osama at Heaven’s Gate

I dreamed that Bill Clinton died. At Heaven’s gate there was some difficulty due to his history. He had committed grave sins against sexuality (cf. Sixth Commandment); more serious, for what I could see, were certain sins against property (cf. Seventh Commandment) and gross lies told to gain political advantage (cf. Eighth Commandment); worst of… Continue reading Osama at Heaven’s Gate

The Nature of Israel

                Throughout this tract we translate ‘am and laos as “people”, goy and ethnos as “nation”, qahal and ekklesia as “church”.   Israel is a people which does not count itself among the nations (Nm 23:9).  Israel is a church (Nm 20:10-12). The word gentile, “non-Israelite”, comes from Latin gens, “nation”. Israel did indeed go… Continue reading The Nature of Israel