My Résumé


Languages: SQL, SQR, Visual Basic, Cobol(with RWr and indexed files(KSAM, VSAM)), ForTran, Pascal, Modula 2, Algol, Basic, PLAN(ICL 1900), PAL(DEC PDP-8), TAS(TR440, 4 registers, hardware typing), Assembler (IBM 370), BPL (Burroughs MS), CompAs (CDC Cyber, theoretical), SLS (job-stream constructor).

Hardware: IBM mainframe, PC, 1130; HP 3000 (MPE, UX), VECTRA; Prime 500 (Primos); ICL 4100, 1900; PDP-8/I & e; TR 440; CDC Cyber; Unisys A, 2200; Apple Mac

Software: Oracle, Banner, Access (97, 2000, 2003) RDBMS(Access, DB2), View(comparable to CICS), Image(comparable to IMS) with Query, Forté/2, CompareX, SuperC, Scompare, File-Aid, TDP, IPF, Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Works

Applications: patient records, housing, medication monitoring, contractor relations, welfare administration, telephone billing, EDI, Insurance-management software(PMS II), File access within a user command, Emulation and simulation of hardware; Interfaces between software and hardware systems, Compiler (in BPL and Modula 2), Mathematical (including statistical) subroutines for ForTran programs, accounting, payroll, student and personnel records, student financial aid(SAM II), sales analysis, accounts receivable.

Communications work: PDP-8/e to TR440; TR440 to CDC Cyber

Professional: Member of ACM since 1978



2004 – 2016 City College of San Francisco

Senior Programmer/Analyst, later Principal Programmer/Analyst

A/R, student records, computing assets database, lottery system using SQR, Oracle, SQLPlus, Access

2001 – 2004 San Francisco Department of Public Health

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Contractor relations, medication monitoring, housing, billing,patient records with Access, Visual Basic and multi-level SQL on networked IBM PC clone; requirements capture and development, relational database design; mostly new systems, some legacy


1999 Pacific Bell, San Ramon CA

Senior Analyst

telephone billing(for new service plans) with Cobol, DB2(including embedded SQL), JCL for testbeds etc., TSO/ISPF for testing, SuperC and CompareX for comparison; MS Word and Excel for documentation

1996-1998 Policy Management Systems Corporation, Columbia SC

Senior Programmer/Analyst

insurance-management software(PMS II and RS3) with Year 2000 conversion on IBM mainframe using Cobol(with RWr), JCL, TSO, ISPF, File-Aid, CompareX, SuperC, Personal Communications 3270, Supersession, Advantis, WordPerfect

1980-1991 Pasadena City College, California

Programmer/Analyst II

supervision and training of junior staff in maintenance and development techniques. Proactive maintenance of files and programs (Cobol, using TDP and SCompare) for current applications: college business services, student records(Image with Query, View), payroll, financial aid(KSAM), personnel, planning of migration from Burroughs MS to HP3000(MPE), testing of 4GLs; liaison with vendor of financial-aid package and maintenance of the financial aid system, with user-friendly command macros, interfaces to other systems and automation of stream construction; student records correction, maintenance (planning of upgrading); improvements in personnel system, including cross-reference to other databases; analysis and projection of evolution of programs and suites, with implementation of projection; development instruments.

1979-1980 Stationers Corporation, Los Angeles


thorough revision of an accounting software system to improve performance reliability and documentation of ForTran and Cobol on a Prime computer; debugging of legacy Cobol programs, mainly by modularization; analysis of function of these programs; ForTran utilities for a Prime system, united with JCL programs; much minor ForTran investigation.

1977-1979 Burroughs Corporation, Pasadena, California

Senior Systems Programmer

wide-ranging work on the compilation system, written in its own language and BPL, for a Modula-2-like programming language on Burroughs MS(UniSys A) under MCP, including a test suite, debugging and enhancement; finally co-ordination of all work on the compiler and its sister for a special dialect.

1972-1977 Grand Computing Centre for Science, Berlin


front-ending PDP-8/e to TR440; same as pseudouser of TR440; Knuthian Mix 1009 emulator and assembler for TR440, partly in Algol, partly in assembler; Implementation of SPSS 4 and 6 for TR440, including several assembler routines and command macros; some extra facilities for SPSS; easy command to access SPSS, in assembler; large-scale testing and complex link-editing of SPSS; co-ordination of SPSS on CDC Cyber, with links between TR440 and Cyber; user counseling on the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences(SPSS). Instructed English-speaking users in TR440 command language.

Educational Qualifications

Open University (UK), B.A. Mathematics with 1st-class Honours; MMath

Natural Languages: Fluent: English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.

Fair: Italian, Latin.